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When you and the vendor reach agreement, a purchase contract is prepared stating the price, take-over date and other pertinent details. At this stage, you will make a down payment and confirm your intention to complete the deal, so be sure you have arranged sufficient financing for this to go ahead.

At this point it is time to apply for a Spanish tax identification number (NIE)  or a Portuguese (NIF), if you don’t already have one. This is so that your property can be recorded in the title register.

On the agreed take-over date, you and the vendor meet at the office of the Public Notary, who will prepare the public deed of purchase (Escritura Pública de Compraventa/Compra e Venda) and take care of legal niceties, such as confirming the identities of the parties and checking the legal status of the house or apartment.

As well as taking care of the preparations for this meeting, we can also accompany you to it, should you so wish. 

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