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Gran Canaria – San Agustín

Your local real estate agent in Gran Canaria – San Agustín

On this island you can have it all, fantastic climate and beautiful beaches, good food, shopping, all kind of sport activities and cultural events. There are so many places to visit and to be discovered on this amazing island.

Head north to the green and mountainous part of the island, with its huge banana plantations and beautiful old villages. Or to the center of the island with high mountains and forest. And why not explore the south part of the island with its incredible beaches from Bahia Felís to Mogán.

The capital, Las Palmas, is the perfect destination for those who like city life. Las Palmas offers you all. The old city center, Vegueta, from the 16th century, is an amazing place to visit both day and night. The city also offers great cultural activites, like concerts, theatre performances and all kind of festivals. In the port there is the legendary Santa Catalina Park, the castle, the modern concert hall and the Las Canteras Beach, recognized as one of the best city beaches in the world.

There are very good flight connections from all Europe to Gran Canaria and you get there in four hours. The fact that the flight time is not too long, makes the island even more attractive.

Our office is located in San Agustin, in the southern part of the island. It is easy to find, right in front of the hospital, Clinica Roca.

Welcome in! You will feel confident while we purchase your dream home, accompanying you all the way through the process.

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