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Palma de Mallorca

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Fastighetsbyrån is Sweden's leading real estate agency and a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank. Swedbank is Sweden's largest bank and one of the most well-known brands in the country.

Fastighetsbyrån was established in Sweden back in 1966, and today it has around 250 offices and 1,400 employees. Together, our offices arrange about a quarter of all property sales in Sweden. We have been operating in Spain since 2008 and in Portugal since 2014, and we are currently setting up a network of offices along the Mediterranean coast. We are also expanding into Portugal. 

When it comes to running a successful estate agency, we benefit greatly from our Swedish heritage. We blend our efficient, transparent style of service delivery with a warm and welcoming approach to our clients.

The close collaboration between our overseas and Swedish offices often brings us into contact with clients who are interested in overseas properties. We are also experiencing increased demand from other countries for our Spanish and Portuguese property services, from Norway to the United Kingdom. 

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Om Johanna Söderlund Lybert

Johanna Söderlund Lybert

Franchisee Johanna speaks Svenska, Engelska

Om Patrik Söderlund

Patrik Söderlund

Franchisee Patrik speaks Svenska, Engelska

Om Concha Vera

Concha Vera

Real Estate Agent Concha speaks Svenska, Engelska, Spanska

Om Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez

Account Associate Ricardo speaks Svenska, Engelska

Om Rickard Wetterström

Rickard Wetterström

Account Associate Rickard speaks Svenska, Engelska

Om Thibault Vautherot

Thibault Vautherot

Account Associate Thibault speaks Svenska, Engelska

Om Ulrika von Eiberg

Ulrika von Eiberg

Real Estate Agent Ulrika speaks Svenska, Engelska